Bathroom Stall

I have seen movies and dramas where one hides and cries in a bathroom stall over work issues. There is something so mundane about this. I thought this happens only in television. But as I am exposed in the world where everyone struggles to survive in the workplace, it has become so real. I am 25 years old and I belong to the newbies, but it’s not an excuse for me everytime I fall short of the standard. I am mistaken, wronged, bullied for some things that can just be over passed. I am weak and fragile, am young and a woman. But I must not show that I am also vulnerable.

At times when I have no control over my weaknesses, there in the bathroom stall I cry, I hide. There, I can be young, I can be a woman. There, I pour my anger, pain and weakness. After a couple of minutes, as I go out of the bathroom stall, I am stronger than I used to be.


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