Reality vs Truth

The reality shows and tells us that true love never happens.  Marriage will always be broken. Divorce is normal. Pre marital sex is okay. Waiting is vain. Sex for Christians is ugly. Pursue happiness. Follow your heart. Loving God above any relationships, above any person closest to us, above our own desires and dreams is lame.
The reality has made us believe that beautiful things never last, and that we should grab every opportunity to be happy while it is there. Reality has taught us not to sacrifice for it will be our loss. It tells us that patience will cause us to miss wonderful things in life.
I  believed this reality because this is the reality. I pursued happiness my own way. I didn’t wait, grabbed happiness that came along my way as I didnt want to miss good things.
Such a beautiful lie that had become a truth… until this led me to be broken. In the pursuit of finding true love my way- to be wounded, be healed, be hurt again had been a cycle.
Then, I allowed Jesus to finally rescue me. Things have never been the same.
In Jesus, I have learned the truth.
Everyday, new things are revealed.
Beyond the reality is the truth.
The truth is I am a child of God. True love exists as what GOD did and is doing. John 3:16 tells us how God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit conspired to show me what true love is. While I was sinning, Christ died for me (Romans 5:8). Jesus came to give me life and have it to the full (John 10:10), and that authentic happiness can be eternal (only with Him and in Him).
I learned to sacrifice, to say NO to temporary happiness for sufferings at the present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed (Romans 8:18). Waiting is never  vain for I choose what is good on the long run. Greater things are always ahead. To be impatient is missing God’s best. If God didnt spare His own Son for me, how much more such things I desire that are too little.
My heart is precious that I should have my mind lead, guard and protect it. My heart should be set apart for Jesus first, and second to the man I am to give it at the right time.
It is God that has put the desires in my heart, and it is He who will fulfill my desires.
Above all, putting God first, will make every other things in my life beautiful (Ecc. 3:11).
Now, I believe Truth is stronger than reality. God is Truth. God is greater than reality. He is great and capable enough that He even conquered death which is real for all of us. He can do all things for nothing is impossible for Him.
If nothing is impossible with Him, then I believe He will bring me the man I desire which He, too desires for me. I believe in marriage, in true love and love that lasts forever for it is my God who created these and He, Himself is Love and He is Eternal.
No circumstance is bigger than my God. Nothing is too great for Him to handle.
Reality is so real… but the Truth, God’s Word will always remain, it will never fade (Matthew 24:35).


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